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Targeted RNA Enrichment: enrich for sequence-specific RNA molecules by over 100 000x

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An elegant simple workflow for RNA enrichment:

RNA Seq MagIC Beads SARS-CoV-2 workflow
Find the protocol here

Let us know the RNA sequence of interest and receive a custom ready-to-use kit:

  • Custom design for any RNA molecule:
    • Target any transcript or pool of transcripts.
    • We evaluate the feasibility of capturing your target before you place an order. Request a quotation here.
    • We design the probes and prepare the kit containing all the components you need for your experiment.
  • High efficiency and specificity:
    • Isolate the target of interest instead of creating a generic RNA pool.
    • Enrich the target RNA up to 100 000x.
    • Capture up to 99% of the target molecule.
    • No molecular tag related biases.
    • Reproducible and consistent levels of enrichment.
    • Purification can take place under very stringent conditions, unlike biotin based approaches.
  • Simple and time-saving protocol:
    • Below 10 minutes of hands-on time.
    • The whole procedure takes less than 2 hours.
    • No additional components needed.

Unmatched enrichment levels:

SARS-CoV-2 RNA Enrichment
Samples of total, unfragmented RNA from cultured, SARS-CoV-2 infected cells were subjected to the capture with a pool of biotinylated DNA probes and streptavidin beads or MagIC Beads targeting SARS-CoV-2 RNA. RNA attached to the beads was washed, eluted and subjected to cDNA synthesis. Levels of GAPDH transcript and SARS-CoV-2 were measured in the input and enriched samples with RT-qPCR. The target RNA was not enriched successfully with biotinylated probes, but successfully enriched with MagIC Beads at the level of over 1.400 fold over the non-target transcript.
MALAT RNA Enrichment

Samples of total, unfragmented RNA from HEK293 cells were incubated with MagIC Beads targeting human GAPDH, LINC00086 or MALAT1 transcripts. RNA attached to the beads was washed, eluted and subjected to cDNA synthesis. Levels of MALAT1, GAPDH, ACTB and 18S rRNA were measured in the input and enriched samples with RT-qPCR. The target RNA was enriched from over 10.000 to over 1.000.000 fold over non-target transcripts by MALAT1 targeting MagIC Beads, but not by beads targeting other transcripts.

Capture any transcripts:

The targeted capture of specific transcripts of interest from samples of total RNA can be utilized to bring a single transcript resolution to the downstream analysis. The ability to enrich the target RNA may be beneficial when the transcripts of interest are present in the samples in levels too low in relation to other transcripts to allow their successful study. Such enrichment setup is attractive from the perspective of directed RNA sequencing, as it reduces overall costs while focusing sequencing depth to the transcripts of interest.

Directly from unprocessed RNA:

MagIC Beads for RNA enrichment provide the first standardized solution for the capture of any RNA of interest from complex samples of unprocessed RNA. Whether for targeted sequencing or for any other downstream application the unique properties of MagIC Beads RNA enrichment kits offer exceptional value.
MagIC Beads for RNA enrichment are particularly useful for those experiments that benefit from focusing the sequencing run on a group of transcripts or even a single transcript. This can be especially valuable in the studies of: 

‣ RNA-RNA interactions
‣ RNA modifications
‣ Alternative polyadenylation
‣ Alternative splicing
‣ Alternative transcription start sites
‣ Native elongating transcript sequencing (NET-seq)
‣ … and more

The ability of MagIC Beads to capture full length RNA targets makes them especially attractive when used in combination with sequencing technologies capable of producing long reads. This is particularly pronounced in the case of direct RNA sequencing with Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONT), where the relatively low number of reads produced by the platform makes transcriptome wide applications challenging. 

Capture up to 99% of the target sequence from the input sample:

The kits consist of the target-specific MagIC Beads and sets of optimized buffers. They feature standardized capture conditions and capture probes properties, which ensure uniformly high efficiency of the system on varying RNA targets, independently of their length or secondary structures. The beads provide very high target enrichment levels, at the same time being able to capture up to 99% of the target sequence from a sample.

Efficiency guaranteed by design:

For any custom target transcript the optimal number of probes is established based on the target length and nucleotide composition. An experimentally validated design approach is used to provide uniformly highly efficient capture probe arrays for any target. Every probe is extensively screened against potential binding to any off-targets in the transcriptome of interest to ensure superb probe specificity. 

Compared to classic biotinylated probe-based approaches, MagIC Beads provide multiple benefits: 

No probe design burdenReliable arrays of capture probes are designed by
ElementZero Biolabs for any target
Reliable performance: No need for RNA fragmentationEfficient capture regardless of the target length or
the presence of secondary structures
Preserved target integrityDuring the enrichment, nucleases are inactivated by
the buffers (no need for RNase inhibitors)
Fast and simple protocolThe enrichment procedure can be completed in
1-2h with a reduced number of hands-on steps
No need for additional key
components of the experimental setup
MagIC Beads enrichment kits are provided as
complete, out of the box solution
Expert supportCount on active support regarding the use of the kit
as well as analysis of planned downstream applications

Additional information:

‣ Supplied with beads, and hybridization and wash buffers.
‣ 1 reaction = 20 pmol of capture probes.
‣ Shipping condition: room temperature.
‣ Storage Temperature: 4°C.
‣ Durability: 36 months from the date of manufacture.

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RNA Seq MagIC Beads – Zika virus – kit 16 reactionsZika virus - ZIKV
Seq Negative control beads – LacZ beads – kit 16 reactions
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Can’t find your target on the price list?
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