The next generation of technology for genetic research

At ElementZero Biolabs, we know that genetics is the gatekeeper to the future of medicine.

Our mission is to provide technology to unlock the potential of genetics for diagnosis and treatment.
We foster scientific research.

Our core team has a blend of biological insight and business drive with years of experience in solutions for life-sciences and business management.

John Moura
CEO & Co-Founder

John is an engineer by training who has spent the last 10+ years launching products across the world. John has led multidisciplinary teams, covering Product, Operations and Marketing & Sales in global companies such as Wunder Mobility.

Dr. Karol Rogowski
CSO & Co-Founder

Karol holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the Max Delbrück Center and the Free University of Berlin. Karol has over 10 years of experience in RNA research whilst working for some of the world’s leading academic labs.

Eric Blair
Commercial Advisor

Eric has 20+ years of experience in the Life Science, Precision Medicine, and Pharmaceutical markets. Eric has led commercial teams in companies like ThermoFisher and Metabolon, currently being the CCO at Argonaut Manufacturing Services.

David Ford

David Ford Strategic Advisor

David has 20+ years of experience as a life-sciences investor. David is a former Managing Director at Intermediate Capital Group plc and former Investment Director at Pricoa Private Capital, currently being the chairman at Somaserve.

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